I create adventurous experiences, with & for community.

Event Manager

Lismore Lantern Parade picture

Packing the truck at Lismore Lantern Parade.

I have extensive experience coordinating festivals, events, tours, and workshops of all sizes and scales.

I deliver outcomes of value whilst managing budget constraints and strict timelines.

Arts Facilitator

Food Ways Melbourne picture

Facilitating a Food Walk for the Performance Climates conference.

I provide a sophisticated interpersonal space which brings forth the spirit of collaboration.

With over fifteen years experience in facilitating groups and individuals in the creative process, I work in community engagement contexts delivering high quality, empowering experiences. My emphasis is on enjoyment, health, and well being.

I create platforms for people to connect to self, other and place in ways that are life giving and joyful.


Suze Smith directing picture

Directing Risky Business. Photo by Angel Leggas.

I write scripts, direct live performance, and mentor both independent artists and community participants in playwriting, performance creation and story telling.

I create original hybrid performance and dance theatre that expresses the WILD, the BITTER & the BEAUTIFUL of life;

Telling tall stories about ordinary people;

Discovering moments of flight and exhilaration;

Cracking the every day with the world of the human spirit in a visceral live experience.


Secret Places of Childhood Picture

Secret Places of Childhood

Physical Theatre Group 'Temporary Relief', an offshoot of the Physical Theatre class at Women's Circus

My Role: Writer, Director, Producing Mentor, and Co Devising Collaborator


'The script writing collaboration with Suze meant that something that was whirling round in my brain is now a reality. I couldn’t have done that by myself. I felt reassured and secure in her ability to draw out ideas and craft a meaningful narrative. I knew right from the start we’d get to a special place. It was a very enjoyable process.'

Catherine McMutrie, Nurse/Budding Creative

'I felt freer and creative, getting my body moving and exploring.'

Liam O'Grady, Primary School Teacher

'Suze’s work makes me feel alive, reflective, vital. Thicker in myself. Ready to go out and meet more of the world in my own body. It makes me think about how we become what we are. How stories play out in us, how we play out in stories. How we can engage in our lives. How things can change.'

Kate Barnett, Employee Experience Manager


I'm a citizen of the world who loves to listen to, tell, and share stories.

My journey as an Art & Cultural Facilitator delivering high quality outcomes with and for diverse communities began over fifteen years ago. I work at the intersection of art and health, facilitating participatory arts experiences that foster well being and enjoyment. I have led teams and collaborated with teenagers, mums and bubs, adults of all ages and abilities, professional artists, and people from different cultural backgrounds.

From one on one mentoring to event management of large scale outdoor festivals, I bring my capacity for lateral thinking, problem solving, interpersonal skills, and creative vision.

Suze Smith picture